Sober Club

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Sober Club

Sober Club | Recovery For Life - Baltimore, MD

Learning how to let go of the crutch of addiction can be a very tough thing to do on your own. It doesn’t make you weak to need the help of others; it’s a part of life. Maybe you find yourself facing the judgmental looks of family members and those close to you. Perhaps your friends don’t offer the kind of support that you need.

Whatever difficulty you face on your path to recovery from addiction, it’s 100 times easier to start on the journey when you know there are others who understand you. With Recovery For Life, you will find people who have gone through what you are going through at our sober club. You will see that you aren’t alone and that other people truly care about you living a life free of addiction.

Our AA events are geared toward following the necessary steps and processes in overcoming addiction, and these events are goal oriented, so you won’t have to feel that you are wasting your time. You or anyone you know who is struggling with addiction can get the help you need in our sober club. Our sober club is open Monday through Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, so our doors are almost always open for you. We will offer the strong support you need.

You can live a healthy and happy life in Baltimore, MD. Your drug addiction doesn’t have to define you. Your dependency on alcohol doesn’t have to decide your fate. When you come to our sober club, our team of professional staff members will counsel you, and you will find like minded people who are learning to overcome addiction alongside you.

Sober living doesn’t mean being miserable. You will see. We make our sober club incredibly fun, so it will become something that you look forward to.

Call today to get the help you need. You are just one step away from regaining your freedom!